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Types of Glass Pipes

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Glass pipes have been used for many years, especially for smoking. But it is a known fact that the pipe smoking culture, for a long time, has been identified with North American communities. The practice of pipe smoking has spread to other cultures, and this has led to considerable evolution in glass pipe smoking.

Contemporary glass pipes are more of works of art. Therefore, as much as they are designed to offer a pleasant smoking experience, there is an element of aesthetics involved.


A chillum resembles a simple tube as far as its designed is concerned. Chillums are an updated but somewhat primitive method of smoking. The simplicity of using chillums is believed to be a key reason why these types of glass pipe are still in the market. To use these pipes, one is only required to load the product into the pipe, light one end, and smoke from the other end.

Spoon Pipes

A step up from the simple chillum pipes is a spoon pipe. Chillums and spoon pipes share many similarities, one of the differences being that spoon pipes have a unique ‘bowl’ at one end where one loads the material being smoked. Another feature in spoon pipes is the carburetor, which is essentially a small opening on the tube. One should cover the hole while drawing air into the pipe and release to inhale. These pipes are known to offer fresh smoke.

Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes are quite popular due to their association with the legendary fictional writer Sherlock Holmes. They also feature a bowl in one end where the product is applied is loaded. The functioning of Sherlock pipes is straightforward considering that the smoke, upon combustion, travels up the pipe. There are slight design variations of Sherlock pipes with some designs having additional features such as long stems and carburetors.

smoking with a pipeBubbler Pipes

Bubble pipes are considered a hybrid version of both the glass pipe and the bong. These pipes have some water that acts a filter, thus their name bubble pipes. Bubble pipes provide quality smoke that is devoid of harsh elements. As a result, these pipes are highly regarded as far as the quality of the smoke is concerned.…